Wiltshire Wildlife Trust
The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust is a nature conservation charity that has created many diverse habitats in Wiltshire for a varied array of flora and fauna. They are an organisation that need supporting to enable them to continue managing the reserves and woodlands for the wildlife and for the public to enjoy. Please visit their website to find out about events happening in Wiltshire or to offer your support by either subscribing or volunteering, if you want a more hands on experience.
Please take some time to view the RSPB website as it is an excellent site with loads of information. If you are not already a member of the RSPB and you are considering joining them click on the join now icon for quick and easy membership. I urge everybody to subscribe to help the wildlife of today and for their future existence . Thank you.
Butterfly Conservation
With the change in climate, constant loss of habitats and the continued use of fertilisers, some species of butterflies and moths have been in rapid decline in recent years. Butterfly conservation aim to help these at risk butterflies and moths through habitat management. The website offers an in depth guide to each butterfly within the UK and those that may stray in migration. It has a choice for the viewer to visit their own county's site to see what is happening within their area.